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Welcome to Life Coaching!

On this page you will find the following:

  • What can a Life Coach help me achieve? 
  • Who benefits from having a Life Coach?
  • What do the Workshops offer for me?

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What will my Life Coach help me achieve?

If you are interested in Personal Development on any level, we will help you achieve the following:

  • Strong Personal Relationships
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Career Goals and Success
  • Self Empowerment
  • Healthy Lifestyle - More Energy for Everyday tasks!
  • Fulfillment in every area of Life - Every day!
  • Motivation to achieve what you have always wanted
  • Confidence
  • Life Skills and Self Esteem

Overall, we will help you achieve satifsaction and fulfillment in any area of Life that you choose - and once we start on one area, you will see the connection and how everything will soon fall into place.

Who Benefits from having a Life Coach?

If you are reading this, we trust that YOU will be a perfect fit for Life Coaching. But, to have the facts, all that is required of you is a willingness to learn and a strong desire for things (anything in you Life) to be different than what they are right now. Does this sound like something you can relate to?

Often people come here for one of two reasons:

     1.  They feel "stuck" in their current circumstances and can't seem to find a way out of the "rut"           


2.       They have achieved what they thought would make them feel fulfilled (ideal career ,perfect home, dream car, family, etc.) and sadly (sometime surprisingly) discovered that they still don't feel right - "Something is still missing".

Please feel free to browse through our testimonials so that you can get information right from the source - honest feedback from clients who have experienced our services.

You may also find this article from the Pickering News Advertiser a helpful source to answering your questions about Life Coaching from Life Design.

What do the Workshops have to offer?

Group Coaching Workshops are designed to help people develop the behaviours and skills needed to succeed in every area of Life. The workshops are structured in such a way that they build on one another, encouraging confidence and empowering “students” to experience life more fully and actively. Workshops are designed in such a way that any adult, at any stage of life and any level of learning can participate and benefit.


Benefits for the participants:

  • Strong Personal Relationships
  • Work – Life Balance
  • Healthy Lifestyle – More Energy for everyday tasks
  • Awareness of their Community
  • Motivation to make positive changes in Life
  • Motivation to make positive changes to their community
  • Effective Communication and Active Listening Skills
  • Open Mind
  • It can be a Life Changing Experience


Here is a small sample of the group workshops offered. Please note that it is the experience of the workshop through the discussions and activities that create benefits and results. The power of the workshops can not be expressed in words, as everyone’s experience is different, so this is simply an outline:


Discovering Personal Strengths

Explore and identify the strengths that are dominant in you that can be used in all area’s of life and take you to where you want to be. You will practice these strengths and determine which area’s of life to apply your strengths to create the maximum benefit.


Self Care

To explore the different areas of Self Care and identify that a balanced lifestyle must include attention to all area’s of the self – Social, Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual. We explore which area’s need more focus to become more balanced, which will reduce stress, and an action plan is set by each individual.



Identify the Values that define you and influence your life. Values can influence our beliefs, our decisions, our actions and much more. This experience will allow you to identify your core values and you will examine the importance of aligning your daily life with your core values which will open up the flow of your life and relieve unnecessary stressors.



Explore the different dimensions of trust and identify which areas of your life are affected by Trust. We will uncover the many layers of trust and all that comes with it!



To explore the way in which we make choices and identify the way in which choices affect our lives and those around us. We will explore healthy choice making practices which can be applied to any area of life and help you to make the next choice to move forward.



If you do not see dates on the homepage for upcoming workshops, you can contact Life Design to request a Workshop in your area. You may also request to have a workshop delivered for a small group of 3-5 friends, at a great rate! Contact us:

i[email protected] or 905-420-1687

Please see the Rates and Services page for pricing details