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Welcome to Business Coaching!

On this page you will find the following information:

Please take a look at our Testimonials page for honest feedback from Workshop participents and coaching clients.

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Watch this short video of Coach Laura introducing Business Coaching

Laura Harrison introducing Business Coaching on Rogers TV Daytime Durham Region

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What is the benefit of a Business Coach?

A business coach is your mentor, sounding board, cheer-leader, and Business Partner – without the usual headaches that come along with some partners. You can discuss anything with your coach while your coach will keep you focused, motivated and clear about the direction you are taking. You can hash out your many ideas or ongoing issues with your coach where you will in-turn receive a clear focus for the future direction of your business. Your Life Design Business Coach will bring knowledge, experience, advice and fresh perspective to each session. Here is just a sample of the areas of business you can gain clarity in with your Coach:

·         Employee Relations

·         Performance Management

·         Execution of Business Plan & Goals

·         Customer Service

·         Expenses/ Budgeting

·         Recruitment, Interview, Selection

·         Employee Development Planning

·         Forecasting & Strategic Planning

·         Human Resources

·         Team Building

·         Leadership Training

·         Work/Life Balance


What Makes us different?

Whether we are coaching "you" the business owner, "you" the business manager, or your team of employees, we ensure each session is unique in order to match the requirements of each individual.

For the Business owner we help you uncover a number of areas that need to be addressed by taking a step back with you, providing a moment in time where you can see your company from a birds-eye view, and then we make an action plan to execute with meaningful intention. We ensure that your company is heading in the direction you intended it to go and more importantly we ensure that your company is a reflection of you and your personal goals – after all, you most likely became an entrepreneur so that you could do things your own way, on your own schedule, with freedom and a Lifestyle that reflects who you are.

For your managers and employees we use a similar approach, however unique as well in order to ensure that the goals and values of your employees are a direct reflection of the goals and values of your company. We find that to have a high level of employee engagement requires an interest in your employee’s personal development as well as professional development. And once you work with us, you will find out how easily the two go hand-in-hand.

Please click here if you would like to read published information from other experts speaking to why the alignment of values approach is vital to your business.

Business Coaching Pricing Plan

Please contact us for a customized pricing plan that suits the needs of your business. We understand that the needs of your business, the coaching required and style of workshops may be different for your business which is why we create packages that are tailored to your exact needs.

Please click here for a basic Business Pricing Plan to get an idea of the services offered and the rates that may apply.


If you have employees, these workshops will be the key to your success as a team. These workshops are also uniquely designed to suit your company needs - No workshops by Life Design are used twice – this is to ensure we design workshops that are tailored to the needs of your employees. The result of each workshop: employees gain specific skills, behaviours and insights that they will use individually to enhance personal and professional performance as well as a contribution to team interactions.

Please keep in mind workshops are designed based on the specific needs of your company, however, Here are a few sample topics and area of business that benefits from the results:

Active Listening (Customer Service, Team Work)
Listening is truly a skill and one that needs exercise. Here you will Explore the dynamics of active listening with the opportunity to practice active listening. You will also create an action plan to identify areas to improve and the areas in your life where this skill is required most.
Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone (Training & Development, Career Advancement, Thinking "outside the box")
Discover the limitations of our individual comfort zones and explore ways to expand and step outside of your comfort zone. Experience the benefit of this through the opportunities that open up in your life after practicing this powerful learning.
Community and Relationship Building (Customer Relations, Customer Service, Team Development)
Explore and experience the foundation to building effective relationships that will contribute to success and contentment in every area of life. Understand the importance of relationships in building an effective community, family, team or group that can make positive changes.
Discovering Personal Strengths (confidence, employee satisfaction, Team Focus)
Explore and identify the strengths that are dominant in you that can be used in all area’s of life and take you to where you want to be. You will practice these strengths and determine which area’s of life to apply your strengths to create the maximum benefit.