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Quotes I have attended several workshops that Laura has held. In particular stepping out side your comfort zone, goals visions and values. These two in particular helped me look at what I could achieve if I just took the steps,with Lauras guidance and coaching I have set myself goals,and am making my way forward to acheive them. I know with out her guidance I would not be the place that I am right now in my life, I would still be hesitant and full of self doubt, she has brought out a inner strength in me that I honestly didnt think I had. Laura has the patience and skills to help any individual that is willing to accept help and learn from it, I wouldnt hesitate in recommending any of Laura's workshops or indeed her skills as a one on one life coach.I thank her in my mind on a regular basis. Quotes
Supervisor, Coaching Client & Workshop participant

Quotes Laura is an absolutely amazing mentor/coach. Her ability to help me make life changing decisions is one of a kind. She has the interest, knowledge,kindness,understanding and inquisitiveness to relate to, as well as help guide people through the process of discovery. Her ability to help me with whatever obsticle I may be facing is extrodinary. She is so easy to talk with, which makes her the best life coach ever! Quotes
Coaching Client

Quotes This type of workshop is interesting and really makes you think about life. This is what meetings should be about - About life and real, tangible issues. I find that this kind of self-discovery helps people work together more effectively, allows people to be more understanding of one another, and reminds you that you do affect other people around you. When you connect with and understand the people you work with or for, you want to do a good job for them and help them while you are also helping yourself... You are no longer doing it just because the company wants you to, you are doing it more for you and the people on your team. You basically become more engaged, care more about the people you work with and consequently work better and harder. (Self Care Workshop for Business - Work/Life balance) Quotes
Alex - from Canada
Manager, Corporation